Play like a Pro in Fifa 21 and 22! Tactics and Formations.

Jeff Cechinel
3 min readMay 10, 2021


I’ve been playing Fifa for some years now and I learned a little bit of the game, some tactics that can make a difference whether you score or you get scored. The idea for writing this post is to store some of these tips somewhere and share some of the ideas too. Today, I will share how to use the 3–4–1–2, one of the wildest and most exciting formations in Fifa.

Wonders of 3–4–1–2

My preferred formation is the 3–4–1–2, a quite attacking formation, with three centre backs, defending well, however, they need to be fast, really fast, usually with a pace higher than 80.

Your wingers need to have stamina and also be fast, so they can go to attack and come back in defence.

Note: You can use LB and RB as CB’s, however, the chemistry won’t be the same, usually a good sub for half-time, like I am using Tagliafico.

Tactics for 3–4–1–2

Attacking: To make a difference in the game, tactics are quite important. I like to put the OFFENSE quite high, pressuring the opponent defence. I use FAST BUILD UP, so players can quickly align and counter-attack. When attacking don’t panic, try to think better when passing, as if you lose easily the ball, a counter-attack is imminent.

Corners: I usually don’t cross in corners, I like to have control, so I always pass it to the second player and try to find space in the box.


For both Strikers, leave as Get in Behind and always Stay Forward

Strikers Get in Behind and Stay Forward

For my CAM, I like to leave as Get Forward, just like the Strikers.

CAM on Get Forward

Defence: I like to defend using Pressure on Heavy Touch, as soon as the opportunity arises to pressure, the team will do that, and does not waste too much energy too.

You can also change one of the CB to Aggressive interceptions, but be prepared to sub him at half-time as the energy goes easily.

Aggressive Interceptions but be prepared to change the CB at half-time.

Make sure you put your midfielders to cover the centre.

Midfields covering the centre.

I hope you did enjoy some tactics that I use in Fifa, of course, the only way to truly know if that will work for you is to try and adapt, next time I will talk about adaptive tactics during the game.

Fifa usually does not change much the mechanics, so I hope these tips will also work in FIFA 22 once it gets launched.

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