Are you a Software Development Manager, me too, here my expectations from the role, in my humble opinion 🙌

💪 Always looking to improve the quality of the delivery, I always expect my managers to follow some contract or ways of working on what and how they would deliver software.

After many years in the role of Software Development Manager, I tried to put together all things I have been doing and I also recommend my direct report managers to follow and be on top of these subjects. — Jeff Cechinel

What do I care about?

It is always good to have a well-controlled Outcome/Project, nobody like to work in a place where it is a mess, so we have some standards about how to deliver software using the Agile principles, focusing on the good quality of code and security, and making sure we are meeting expectations using SLIs, combining to meet our SLOs.

@edenconstantin0 — AGILE


Let’s make sure we have all the ceremonies in place, choosing a Kanban or SCRUM style, measuring our performance and keeping an eye on the bugs.

Awesomeness factor is something I learned from a product manager while managing the project for Identity API, it shows how good the team is performing, the formula is pretty simple.

@scottwebb — SECURITY

Quality and Security

Nowadays we have many ways to ensure quality at our deliverables, with many forms of testing, observability and monitoring.

All tools for quality, monitoring and observability are specific to Tesco, but exists many others in the market and some of them are open source.

Non-functional Requirements

Product managers always help us to set these NFRs, making sure we avoid impacting the business, have a good performance and compliance with GDPR.

@rajeshwerbatchu7 — SLO AND SLI

SLO and SLIs more info

  • Service Level Indicator: A thing we can measure ideally as a ratio.
  • Service Level Objective: The objective we currently aim to achieve.
  • Aspirational Service Level Objective: The objective we are working towards consistently achieving.

Further reading

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Extracted from managers-playbook

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Adventurer, dreamer and passionate by life. BJJ Black belt, Poker Player. 🇧🇷🇬🇧 Soft Dev Manager as a hobby. Dad of a gorgeous girl and a 🐺 Border Collie.

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Jeff Cechinel

Jeff Cechinel

Adventurer, dreamer and passionate by life. BJJ Black belt, Poker Player. 🇧🇷🇬🇧 Soft Dev Manager as a hobby. Dad of a gorgeous girl and a 🐺 Border Collie.

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